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196 Productions Ltd

 South Wales, UK. 01291430642

Video Production:
Editing picture and sound, graphic design and colour grading

196 Productions Ltd is recognized for supplying flexible Camera, Video Editing and Graphic Design services. We can produce engaging and dynamic media for broadcast television, corporate communication, business events and the web. Video is an exciting way to tell a story. It can bring your business, department or a particular project to life and can be a really cost effective way to connect with your audience.

Presented at an event, continually streamed in high definition onto your website, a corporate video can be used in lots of different ways, making it a real investment for your company. We have produced and post-produced countless productions covering a wide range of subject matter. From environmental issues on the disposal of unwanted fertilizers for the United Nations, to on-site health and safety training at BMW, no brief is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on our down to earth ‘can do’ attitude and the fact that we take the hard work out of your hands.

If you have un-edited video footage from internal departments, an event or another source and want to make it slick and impactful, the 196 team can help. We offer flexible video editing facilities to produce engaging and dynamic videos ranging from a simple compilation of clips and stills through to a full production that includes interactive menus, soundtracks and animated graphics.

Video Production

Neptune’s Future campaign
Public information from the National Trust

The National Trust has used 196 Productions to produce programmes such as ‘Neptune’s Future’ presented by Kate Humble. This programme was made up of material filmed all over the UK by 196's camera crews and incorporated archive material from many National Trust sources.

As the Trust is responsible for several hundred miles of Britain’s coastline, the video was commissioned not only to celebrate its beauty and bio-diversity but to highlight the challenges that climate change will bring to the Trust over the coming years. This meant that the documentary had to explain not only processes like Coastal Squeeze, but what impact these processes will have on tenants and residents living near to the coastline over the next ten and twenty years. Examples of these environmental processes had to be filmed as well as some of the initiatives the Trust was employing to combat the problem. The National Trust’s branding had to be honoured at all times, which was not only enforced through the DVD cover and title graphics, but also by the clothing of the specialists being interviewed.

With over 40 sites to be filmed, located throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, within a three month period, this was a demanding but rewarding project to work on. The material was reversioned for TV news releases and political briefing videos. 

(Duration: 1.43 minutes)

Orford Ness.
Extract from Neptune’s Future.
A 196 production for the National Trust. 

Cameramen: Mark Thorne, Brian Punter-Matthews and James Daniels
Editor: Bruce Rawlings
Graphic Design: Stuart Fletcher
Produced and Directed: Pauline Rawlings, and Bruce Rawings

NT campaign

(Extracts duration: 4.23 minutes)

A 196 production for: Swansea University
Cameraman: Dr Lawrence Dyke
Editor: Pauline Rawlings
Graphic Design: Stuart Fletcher

A Glimpse of Greenland
The Disappearing Ice

GLIMPSE is a 5-year glaciology research project based at the Department of Geography, Swansea University in South Wales (U.K.). Through the use of international collaborative research, fieldwork, remote sensing and modelling techniques, its objectives are to gain an understanding of how Greenland’s melting ice sheet is impacting on the Earth.

196 Productions’ cameraman Mark Thorne trained PHD Student Lawrence Dyke to use a video camera and bring back pictures of the field research being undertaken on Greenland’s glacial ice sheet. The pictures Lawrence produced were edited by 196 to tell the story of GLIMPSE’s work, its findings, and their importance in order to combat the decline of Greenland’s Glaciers.

Public info.

Discover Carmarthenshire
on-line marketing campaign

196 Productions Ltd recently carried out the post production work for Calan Films ‘Discover Carmarthenshire’ web campaign, on behalf of Carmarthenshire County Council, Tourism Wales and the Welsh Government. Calan Films of Cardiff have produced many video projects for corporate clients, with 196’s video post production expertise being regularly employed. 

(Excerpt duration: 1.25 minutes)


(Duration: 2.01 minutes)

A 196 production for: Kids Cancer Charity 
Editor: Bruce Rawlings

Kids Cancer Charity
A video fundraising tool

The Kids Cancer Charity is an organisation that has recently benefitted from our video post production expertise, with 196 producing a fund raising web video on a pro bono basis.

196 Productions Ltd is proud to have provided several charities with guidance and editing facilities on the making of their fund raising and information videos. Other projects have included 'Cancer, How to stay positive,' for Morriston Hospital Swansea, NHS Trust. This DVD provided information on the types of treatment available to cancer sufferers and the side effects that could be experienced. It provided an easy point of reference to both the patient and their friends and family before and during the patient's treatment, freeing up doctors and staff.


Rolls Royce
Celebrating 90 years of the Rolls Royce motorcar

Filmed and produced back in 1994 for the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club of Great Britain, to celebrate 75 years of celebrated marque. This tour around Britain's Rolls Royce motoring heritage attracted over 50,000 viewings last year on YouTube, a testament to the power of good video story telling. ​

(Duration: 2.25 minutes)

A 196 production for: Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club of Great Britain


Narrated by Ray Gosling
Cameraman: Richard Bartley, Mike Smith and Mark Thorne
Editing and post production: Bruce Rawlings

(Duration: 3.00 minutes)

Narrated by Tim Richards
Cameraman: Mark Thorne
Editing and post production: Stuart Fletcher

Jordan’s Royal Road
Delivering content to an iTunes preferred encoding house

Independent TV documentary film-maker chose 196’s production services to ensure the best opportunity for success when delivering content to an iTunes preferred encoding house. Managing video and audio specifications, foreign languages, closed captioning, artwork, and metadata requirements for international distribution, so that your media is compliant with any store, platform, or broadcast VOD provider can be a daunting task. Our in-house post capabilities speeds the process of getting content to market, ensuring quality-control issues are resolved within the editing process. We can also meet closed captioning and subtitles requirement for international distribution.

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